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  • Hangzhou Ocean Chemical Co.ltd is a comprehensive chemical enterprise which mainly integrates R&D, production, marketing business of chemical in lab-pack, semi-bulk and bulk-quantities. . Located in predominant industrial and commercial environment, Ocean Company consists of organic dept, inorganic dept, Rare earth dept .

    Organic dept engaged in
    1.Electronic chemical for LCD, LED, OLED
    2 Pharmaceutical API& intermediates,
    3. Basic and Protected Amino acids
    4. biochemistry (nucleosides,, nucleotides and enzymes, biological reagent )
    5. Fine-chemicals
    For more information, please visit www.hzoceanchem.com

    Ocean inorganic dept: engaged in inorganic chemical materials and metal organic compounds.
    Product range includes:
    1 metal compounds.
    Scattered metals: Gallium(Ga). Indium(In). Thallium(Tl). Germanium(Ge). Selenium(Se). tellurium(Te). Rhenium(Re)
    Rare refractory metals: Tungsten(W). Molybdenum(Mo). Tantalum(Ta). Niobium(Nb). Zirconium(Zr). Titanium(Ti). Vanadium(V)
    Noble metal: Gold(Au). Silver(Ag). Platinum(Pt). Rhodium(Rh). Palladium(Pd). Ruthenium(Ru). Iridium(Ir). Osmium(Os)
    Base metal: Copper(Cu). Aluminum(Al). Tin(Sn). Lead(Pb). Zinc(Zn). Nickel(Ni)
    Rare light metal: Lithium(Li). Rubidium(Ru). Cesium(Cs). Beryllium(Be)
    Other metals: Cadmium(Cd). Magnesium(Mg). Antimony(Sb). Bismuth(Bi). Calcium(Ca). Strontium(Sr). Barium(Ba). Hafnium(Hf). Hydrargyrum (Hg). Chromium(Cr). Manganese(Mn). Cobalt(Co)

    2. Functional compounds:
    organic synthesis catalysts, semiconductor optoelectronic materials, evaporation coating materials
    Glass ceramic and pigment chemicals, food additives
    Metal and oxide nano powder materials

    3. Special compound:
    Metal organic compounds (acetyl metal salt, trifluoromethanesulfonate salt, lactate salt, citrate salt, stearate salt)
    Anhydrous inorganic salt, metaphosphate, metaborate, etc.

    4.Other high-end custom compounds and high purity inorganic reagents:
    Our company is in cooperation with a number of research institutions and laboratories, and mainly focused on the market of new products and the analysis of production and analytic technology, has a number of production technologies, national patents, and self-developed special production technologies. We have strong analysis and testing capabilities, with ICP, LASER, AAS, SEM, XRD, TGA and other analytical instruments and detection means, and also have ability to design and produce products according to customers' requirements.
    For more information, please visit www.hzoceanchemical.com

    Ocean RE dept :engaged in the management and trade of Rare Earth both basic materials and deep processing products, as well as develop Rare Earth functional materials, Rare Earth application products and Rare Earth new products.
    Product range includes:
    1. Rare earth metals and alloys
    2. Rare earth complexes
    3. The single Rare earth salts (Rare earth carbonate, nitrate, chloride, bromide, sulfate, acetate, oxalate, perchlorate)
    4. Rare earth oxides, Co precipitation of Rare Earth oxide, Rare Earth fluoride, Rare Earth hydroxide, Rare Earth boride, Rare Earth hydride, Rare Earth nitride, Rare Earth sulfide, Rare Earth iodide
    5. Rare earth ultrafine submicron, nano powder materials
    6. Rare earth anhydrous (anhydrous chloride, anhydrous bromide)
    7. Rare earth catalytic materials (Rare earth acetylacetonate, stearate, octoate, methanesulfonic acid salts)
    8. Rare earth high purity reagents and standard reagents (99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%)
    9. Rare earth functional materials (dye battery materials, thermal barrier coatings, pigments, etc.)
    For more information, please visit www.reoceanchem.com
    The company adhere to the business of philosophy “technology first, quality-oriented, customers top, honest and sincerity”. Warmly welcome you to establish mutual trust, mutual benefit, and stable cooperation relationship with us !
  • Process Capability :   R&D, production, marketing business of chemical in lab-pack, semi-bulk and bulk-quantities
    After-sale Service :   We supply to our customer: ★.Best quality according to requirement ★.Competitive price in China market ★.Mature Technical support ★.Professional logistic support ★.Shortest delivery time .

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