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Gallium CAS NO.7440-55-3

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  • 99.99%(4N), 99.999%(5N),Gallium
  • Gallium supplier
  • high purity Gallium

Quick Details

  • ProName: Gallium
  • CasNo: 7440-55-3
  • Molecular Formula: Ga
  • Appearance: Metallic luster, soft and ductile, lar...
  • Application: Used for photovoltaic substrate, magne...
  • DeliveryTime: Prompt
  • PackAge: 1KG/ plastic bottle
  • Port: Shanghai, Ningbo,Qingdao and any port ...
  • ProductionCapacity: Metric Ton/Day
  • Purity: 99.99%(4N), 99.999%(5N) high-purity 9...
  • Storage: Store in dry, cool and ventilated plac...
  • Transportation: We can ship goods to you by courier(li...
  • LimitNum: 0 Metric Ton


ocean inorganic department is a professional supplier and exporter engaging in inorganic chemical materials and metal organic compounds. over the past years, our company is committed to improving the product quality and developing new products, in order to diversify the product variety, complete specifications, expand the scale and make the service personal.
the advantage of ocean is that it serves for almost the entire field of inorganic material
our company is in cooperation with a number of research institutions and laboratories, and mainly focused on the market of new products and the analysis of production and analytic technology, has a number of production technologies, national patents, and self-developed special production technologies. we have strong analysis and testing capabilities, with icp, laser, aas, sem, xrd, tga and other analytical instruments and detection means, and also have ability to design and produce products according to customers' requirements.
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product name: gallium 

cas no: 7440-55-3

einecs no:231-163-8

molecular formula: ga

molecular weight: 69.72

specifications:99.99%(4n), 99.999%(5n)

high-purity 99.9999%(6n )  high-purity 99.99999% (7n)   super-purity 8n

appearance:metallic luster, soft and ductile, large (face centered cubic crystal). melting point 1064.43. boiling point 3080. relative density 19.3. soluble in aqua regia, potassium cyanide, insoluble in acid, cold water and hot water. at room temperature, the surface can be corroded by halogen solutions. very inactive, free from acid, air or oxygen. products are usually made of sponge like, powder, etc.


used for photovoltaic substrate, magnetic material, high temperature thermometer, low melting point alloy, optical glass, etc.

for heat transfer medium and the production of high temperature vacuum pump, uv light bulbs, etc..

used for the insulation of gaas, for ic as substrate

for molecular beam epitaxy of the source, the production of gan blue led and ld, microwave circuits, quantum devices

packing: 1kg/ plastic bottle

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